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Jessie Maisonneuve
Jessie Maisonneuve

Canada > Ottawa, On

Newhouse, Maisonneuve, one or the other will do, I am a graphic designer (Illustrator, animator, web lover, overall solutionist for anything visual)

animation, bilingual, branding, illustration, logo, marketing, social media

  1. Get Crackin' Coffee practise mascot logo egg coffee dragon
  2. Animated whale exhale
  3. Exhale whale geometric design animal logotype illustration stream exhale whale
  4. Easy Beezy 🐝 vector design process logosystem lockup logo lettering font typography bee
  5. Swanky fixed artwork texture concept branding vector bird typography design logo illustration
  6. Swanky Hemp Co. s typography matches green brand design idea logo cannabis hemp bird peacock swanky
  7. More "taste" exploring medicine lettering custom type typography mouth lockups logo
  8. Taste design medicine tongue mouth taste
  9. Let Change Bloom logo illustration design idea fist rose bloom change
  10. Tankdog Fanart draw in your style illustration fanart tankdog
  11. Straight Up Circus wtf yellow bicycle bike illustration clown circus
  12. Best Day typography branding illustration
  13. Nothing like a hound dog design vector badge face death bone illustration black and white skull dog hound dog
  14. Hawt! sunny umbrella cone character heatwave heat summer hot mascot melting design illustration ice cream
  15. Heavy Times bird doodle vector typography illustration design
  16. Keeping It Reel fishing bear mascot cartoon vector typography drawing doodle illustration
  17. 0.5's latest addition
  18. Pushing Through artwork design typography sneakers skateboard bird illustration
  19. F.F. Illustrated Mock-up logo forward fox coffee branding illustration mock-up
  20. The Forward Fox illustration animal logo fox brand branding logo system logo forward fast forward
  21. M.M. V2 logo system delivery post mail illustration mule design logo
  22. Happy Can Day! design 2020 canada day illustration beaver canada
  23. B.D. design typography custom type delivery bottle wine logo elephant
  24. The Brain Deads artwork hat stupid politics maga trump logo skull zombie
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